About Us

In a world and time when media itself has lost or is fast losing credibility or relevance, why The Christian Reporter?

We ourselves have asked the question. And, its answer is the strength behind launching The Christian Reporter.

Christianity is one of the oldest and largest religions in the world with people of its faith living in almost all the countries. And, our effort is to cover all the news by and of Christians.

Having said it, we just don’t collect and curate news on to a common platform but we write, rewrite and interpret news with insight and deep understanding that go beyond the facade of a news item.

We believe that what is happening in Christian world has significant political relevance. The Christian Reporter looks at a news break with historical perception and its possible socio-political ramifications.

The Christian Reporter is not a site for the Christians alone but it is a mirror to the Christian world on which reflects the socio-political and economic renderings of the contemporary world, and a studied glimpse of the direction the global events are heading to.

The spirit of The Christian Reporter is certainly not sleaze, slander, or juicy gossiping but reporting and analysing with a professional approach. Out editorial team is a mix of experience and youth.

As much as we depend on our experience and understanding to read into a story or a situation, we encourage you to get involved. We welcome the participation of our readers in terms of contribution of information, articles and pictures. Though each item will go through a process of professional review and facts-checking, we promise you that nothing other than professional incompetency and utter nonsense or malicious copy will stop you from getting published in The Christian Reporter.

Read, and be informed.

The Christian Reporter Team